A ride to Boulders on Broadway is an adventure all in itself

NOT A LOT HAS CHANGED for Erick Geryol over the past few years. He still has a passion for mountain climbing or a long bike ride, as well as a passion for fresh pizza washed down with a hand-crafted pint of beer. And he still shows up to work at the same restaurant located on the northeast corner of Broadway and Roosevelt in Tempe, where he can swap stories of the former, while partaking in the later. About nine years ago there was one big change, however. After years of slaving away as a pizza cook when the restaurant was operated by a regional chain, Geryol, along with his wife, Rochelle, leapt at an opportunity take it over and make it his own. Boulders on Broadway Bar and Grill was born, and with it followed a new generation of team members who found a place that is much more than just a job.

“Most of the staff ride bikes to work every day,” says manager Ben Helm. “We all love craft beer, bicycles and pizza, and that’s just how we all ended up working here and being a part of this.” That culture has also extended to guests, who have made Boulders a meeting ground for local adventure sport enthusiasts of all backgrounds. Most evenings it is easy to spot a handful of climbers, stiff and tired but happy to numb the pain with a couple of brews. And any given weekend often finds more bicycles parked in the indoor parking lobby (complete with bike pumps and basic maintenance tools) than cars in the parking lot. This is where patrons “pregame” before heading out for a ride, often to either of Boulders’ sister restaurants: Spokes on Southern, which is also in Tempe, or the newest location in Mesa, Boulders on Southern.

With more than 30 craft beers on tap, and another 70 in bottles, as well as a selection of wine and spirits, Boulders on Broadway certainly has something to satisfy anyone’s thirst. But unlike many of their counterparts, Boulders never loses focus on making sure a quality product comes out of the kitchen each and every time. “Lots of places have nothing more than just simple bar food, but we definitely take things well above that,” explains Helm. “It’s definitely southwestern-inspired and everything is made in-house.” With a freshly-breaded trio of deep fried zucchini, onion strings and cheese curds, accompanied with a mound of some of the biggest chicken wings in the Valley, a “Classic Bar Stuff” appetizer is a great start to any meal, if not a meal itself.

Add a refreshing blend of wheat beer and grapefruit lemonade, or a pint of one of their many craft beers for the perfect accompaniment to chase it down. For those looking for something lighter, the Caribbean Salad might just be the route to go. A mound mixed with romaine lettuce and spinach, topped with pineapple, pico de gallo, crispy bacon, black beans and a grilled jerk-style chicken breast surrounded with fresh cheesy bread, is definitely filling without being heavy.

The Tenderloin Tacos, stuffed with char grilled tenderloin, cream cheese, roasted peppers, and fresh pico on warm flour tortillas, also offer a unique alternative to standard dish. Though there are plenty of options to try at Boulders, the California Burger, topped with pepper jack cheese, Southwestern Aioli, fresh avocado, pico de gallo, crispy onion strings and mixed greens, is high on the list.

Its pizza counterpart, the California Carver, complete with a Southwestern sauce, chopped oven-roasted turkey breast, a blend of pepper jack and mozzarella cheeses, and topped with pico, avocado and onion rings once it is pulled out of the oven, is among the most popular items on the menu. Both pair well with a Dale’s Pale Ale, whose classic hoppiness highlights the spicy while cooling the heat. Whether stopping in for happy hour in the afternoon, a round of late-night trivia, brunch on the weekend or anything in between, the team at Boulders on Broadway is ready to welcome you, and help you take a break from whatever adventure you are toying with next.