By Courtney N. Mims.

PICTURE THIS, it’s 1978 and you’re about to kick in your first NFL game for the New England Patriots against the Oakland Raiders. It’s 14 all, third down, 24-yard line, and 30 seconds remaining on the clock. You’re 22 year old Nick “The Kick” Lowery.

Imagine the immense amount of pressure; you’re on national T.V. and the most renowned Monday night panel, Howard Cosell, Frank Gifford, and Don Meredith just happen to be announcing. Are you ready for some football?

What if I told you there was a new way to channel that same pressure, control your thoughts, minimize your brain limitations and ignite infinite possibilities? Would you believe me? Nick Lowery is a part of something revolutionary. I had the honor of speaking with Nick about an innovative treatment that has been changing lives. After meeting Lee Gerdes, founder of Brain State Technologies at an Elliances networking event, Nick tapped into something called brainwave optimization.

For those who are not familiar with brainwave optimization, it is described as a technology for monitoring, analyzing and translating brain wave activity in real time, using sophisticated software algorithms. Brainwave patterns are translated to musical tones which one can listen to through standard ear buds. Software algorithms sound rather intimidating, but in other words this technology puts you in a solitary state of relaxation. An acutely relaxed brain may contribute to higher well-being, a sense of greater achievement, faster recuperation and heightened performance. “The capacity to tap into your greatest gift: to me that’s what life’s about,” Nick said with such enthusiasm.

Author and creator of Brain State Technologies Lee Gerdes' book. Limitless You, The INFINITE POSSIBILITIES of a BALANCED BRAIN.

Author and creator of Brain State Technologies Lee Gerdes’ book. Limitless You, The INFINITE POSSIBILITIES of a BALANCED BRAIN.

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Brainwave optimization

is for people who want to make a change within their daily lives and has also been reported to aid those, like myself, who suffer from insomnia and anxiety. “Sleep is fundamentally important, our brains need time to reset themselves,” says Nick. Most clients begin with four to seven, 2 hour sessions, typically over the course of two to five days. At the end of the week, clients can directly see how their brain has begun to transition itself towards a more adaptable state.

Nick became fascinated by the psychology that allowed him to perform well under unbelievable amounts of pressure and how significant it is to be able to focus despite those emotions. “Most technologies out today are about avoiding, not eliminating the problem. Research shows tremendous results and those that have participated have been happy with the results,” Nick says. Brain State Technologies has banded together with Wake Forest School of Medicine – Department of Neurology since 2011 and has an international network of providers with well over 175 locations in 20 countries.  The world headquarters is right here in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Scottsdale facility is home to a technology and research development center, information technology management center, education center and the only corporately owned brainwave optimization client service center. To further educate yourself visit and check out the book Limitless You, The Infinite Possibilities of a Balanced Brain by Lee Gerdes. In case you were wondering, the New England Patriots went on to beat the Oakland Raiders 21 to 14 in that 1978 game. After being cut 11 times by 8 different teams, Nick Lowery went on to become the Kansas City Chiefs’ all-time leading scorer and earned a bust in the Kansas City Chiefs’ hall of fame. So ask yourself, “why not me?”

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